Saturday, September 11, 2010


Adventuresome, imaginative, spirited, driven
Relative of feisty Scotsmen, hard-working Germans, and the Bond sisters, who gave me their side of the family's dance moves
Lover of the glory of sunrises, the rush of a faster canter, and good food that makes me dance in my seat
Who feels the heat of passion, the awe of God's mercy, and the depth of my family's love
Who needs eight hours of sleep, good books, and regular moments of wonder
Who fears most people's feet, a broken jaw, and having kids that won't love Harry Potter
Who gives smiles freely
Who would like to see every continent and my kids be proud of me
Resident of The Hoodlands


  1. This is awesome. Your blog is awesome. I've read every one of your posts (and not all this evening... you were part of my inspiration to make my own.) I love especially this one and your last one... you bagel-stealing mischief-maker. :)