Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Indentity Crisis!

...about my blog's identity, that is. I'm changing up the rules a bit here (and anyone who's ever played a game with me (or edited my spelling and punctuation), you know how much I love to do this). This blog shall, from this point forward, have a new purpose: to simply keep those I love laughing with me as I enjoy with wild abandon life in Texas. Previously, I thought to make this an outlet for uncensored personal musings, but I have since changed my mind. I would much rather use this blog to share the the moments that make my mother hold her breath, my brother roll his eyes, my dad  high-five me, and my friends laugh with me. Entonces, vamos.

My first task is to catch ya'll upon life since my last post.

Let's start with work: it's getting better and busier. I think I'm really starting to own my role as Alumni Relations Coordinator and College Counseling Administrative Assistant. The seniors are starting to know my name, and distinguish me from their fellow classmates (score!), my coworkers are beginning to trust and rely on me, and everyday I grin like a fool when I think how perfectly God planned this all. Bien hecho, Dios.

Next week, I will be giving a presentation to the seniors on leadership and college during our Leadership Conference. This month, my first alumni magazine will be published (although, in all fairness it was started by my predecessor). In November, I will help host my first alumni event - the Class of 2000 Ten Year Reunion. These are all wonderful and exciting things, but it's not to say that the job is without its frustrations. I am still struggling with being handed tasks and then supplied with incomplete information on how to complete those tasks, and I am struggling with less-than-committed volunteers. So it goes.

I am still reading The Three Musketeers...and Ben I could use your knowledge of the French language! All of these names I can't even pronounce in my head! But for all of that, I am still enjoying it and when I am finished I will be sure to report my thoughts.

Last week I started and finished a mini photo album of my trip with my mom to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. And it reminded me how much I want to go back...and how much I want to take my kids there. I hope it's still around at that point...and that my kids let me drag them there.

Last weekend, Nic came to visit me for the long weekend. I think it's best to say simply that it was heaven on earth - any more detail and I might start to drool on my keyboard :)

My last consideration for you, and for myself,  is about a poem I came across while cleaning out some old folders in my office. They were stacks of poems written by seniors from the past three or four years. They were given the following format and asked to supply their own, personal answers. I'm working on my own and I would love to see what ya'll would write for yourselves. I challenge you to try it and share!

Biography of an Artist

First Name
Four traits that describe character (3 items)
Relative of_________________ (3 items or people(s))
Lover of __________________ (3 items)
Who feels _________________ (3 items)
Who needs ________________ (3 items)
Who fears _________________ (3 items)
Who gives _________________
Who would like to see_________
Resident of _________________
Last Name

Note: your answers can be in simple list format, or sentences with semicolons/commas

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  1. Julie
    Driven, loud, enthusiastic and curious
    Relative of business owners, preps and blondes
    Lover of ducks, sperry top-siders and letters
    Who feels content, sleep-deprived, busy
    Who needs a back massage, laughter and God
    Who fears heights, large/leggy insects and Hell
    Who gives her feedback and the solemn pledge of friendship
    Who would like to see County Cork, Ireland
    Resident of Cincinnati