Thursday, August 12, 2010

To You, d'Artagnan

Here we are, my young d'Artagnan: the beginning of new adventures. I'm starting my life in Texas with my first job and my first apartment; you are traveling to the city of Paris for your first taste of court intrigue, dueling, chivalry, and manhood. But, like your father said, we've got good strong legs and we don't fight shy of adventures - I think we'll do just fine.

A comparison between myself and young d'Artagnan may seem a stretch, but if you should know anything about me it's that I stretch the imagination. And I think it's quite fitting that I should begin reading The Three Musketeers by the brilliant Alexander Dumas as I leap joyfully into the next part of the adventure that is my life. I hope to keep good literature a large part of my life and perhaps, with the help of this blog, make writing a bigger part of it, as well.

I think some fundamental facts and observations about myself and my start thus far in the greeeeeaaaaat state of Texas are in order. I find my self here after 22 years of a wonderful life in Michigan with my family. At the end of college, I proudly walked across the graduation platform with a double major in Spanish and English. Loves of my life: languages, books, writing, reading, and imaging.

Through God's blessing, and large dose of determination on my part, I landed a job here in Texas. While my official title is Alumni Relations Coordinator/ College Counseling Assistant, I like to think of myself as a love-to-stay-in-touch-and-reunite-at-awesome-parties facilitator and future-dream-college granter. But that's just how I look at things.

I have many things planned. Things planned to accomplish. Things planned to try. Things planned to perfect. And things planned to make mine. I have a feeling d'Artagnan felt the same. And so, bonne chance et bon courage.

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  1. Yay! I'm so excited you have a blog, too! I can't wait to read more :)