Friday, August 3, 2012

Home Aagain, Home Again, Jigitty-Jig

The great migration has happened, people. Well, at least the first two thirds of it. I don't know if I really want to relive the down and dirty details (including describing just how ghetto-jenky our moving truck was) and all of the obstacles that we overcame, so a highlights type break down will just have to do. I think it will sufficiently convey just how crazy life has been for the past week and how amazing my family is for helping and how loving and understanding Nic is to consent to all of it.

Last Week
Monday: Pack all day. Take breaks by calling all services, credit cards, etc. to tell them we're moving.

Tuesday: Pack some more, and faster. Try and eat remaining food in apartment, which is mostly comprised of partially used condiments and pasta. Say goodbye to family I grew really close to and babysat their kids. Try not to cry when little boy starts crying.

Wednesday: Pack frantically. Pick up parents at airport past my bedtime.

Thursday: Up early. Freak out at how much little stuff still isn't in boxes. Get rental truck. Freak out that it is too small and will never hold everything. Move everything that Nic and I own in this world down two flights of stairs in 100 degree heat and in about 6 hours. Realize trailer that will be carrying my car behind moving van does not have a crucial pin. Buy pin from ace hardware. Drycleaner looses dad's pants. Recover pants. Have dinner. Pass out.

Friday: Up at butt crack of dawn. Attach my car to trailer and hit morning traffic going southbound toward Houston. Travel through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and part of Alabama. Almost take home stray dog hanging around really good back-woods southern restaurant. Almost make the 6am news the next day as gang fight victims as dad tried to book us into a supper shady part of Birmingham where we were the only white people for 15 miles. Find a different hotel and crash.

Saturday: Nic and I miss the butt crack of dawn because I sleep through my alarm. But, we still get to see the love handles of dawn and set out again. Finish traveling through Alabama, then Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and finally Michigan.

Totals: over 24 hours of driving time, $500 worth of gas, 2 cats, 1 dog, and one 5 ft fish were the wildlife high lights of the trip, and 5 Kentucky teenagers I almost purposefully ran over at a gas station for driving like jerks.

Sunday: Up early to make 50+ cupcakes for friend's bridal shower. Decorated by awesome brother. Mother chopped veggies. Set up for party, have party, go home and pass out.

This Week
Monday: Unload truck and put stuff into storage. Do mounds of laundry. Settle back into parents' home.

Tuesday - Thursday: Clean house top to bottom, including all deck and porch areas. Help with grandmother's estate cleaning and sale prep work. Call old apartment place and tell them we forgot our blue bird of happiness, please mail it to us. Call apartment place again and tell them we forgot all of Nic's suites in the closet. Try and find a job. Try and find an apartment. Try to stay awake.

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  1. I think my favorite parts are the "love handles of dawn" and almost hitting the teenagers (I've felt that way before). My ultimate favorite is having you so close and getting to see you in person. After we saw you, Ryan prayed for your trip...we figured God would just apply that to your move to Chicago :) - Kim