Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Down from the Door Where It Began

May was a month of anniversaries: of journeys started, of Roads followed, of things left behind, and of things still pursued...or chased if I'm being honest with myself :)

One Year Ago in May...

...I graduated from college, watching friends take their own roads and still hoping my feet would find my own.

...I had run my first half-marathon and now I have my sight set on a full marathon or triathlon in the next year.

...I was offered my first post-grad job in Houston, Texas. My loving and 200% supportive family packed me up and moved me down to Texas and into my first apartment in six days.

...I confessed to a young man that he had won me over and I would offer him my heart if he would take the risk with me. This young man, now my fiance, is a romantic and I think he was ready for a little risk and adventure in his life and he promised that he would pursue being my man even if I were to move to Texas and put down roots there. Did he know he was joining himself to a little warrior princess? A little warrior princess with a stubborn streak, a thirst for challenges, unlimited determination, and who likes to consider herself a force to be reckoned with, even if reality shows involving flash mobs and proposals make her cry? If he didn't then, I believe he does now. He still tells me he wants me to be his wife. I could not be more joy filled.

...I joined a church on my own, without the network of advice and shared joy that I left behind in Michigan.

All of these anniversaries, and other smaller ones that perhaps only I can appreciate after looking back and realizing I survived my first year on my own as an adult in this big world, bring to mind God's watchfulness and His love in that watchfulness. I could never have made it to this one year anniversary of those many things without His will, support, guidance, and grace.

I know I have the weak tendency to rejoice and have great faith in my own will and determination ...but let me assure you! I know and can see that this year, like every year of my blessed life, was the Lord's year. They were His triumphs. My prayer for this next year is that (Nic and) I would continue to seek a year following God.

Now! All of this happy reminiscing doesn't mean that this past month hasn't also been a big month for new changes in life.

New this May...

...I got an insulin pump! I am now officially connected to a mechanical pancreas which has changeable, artistic skins, better controls my blood glucose numbers and allows me to eat snacks guilt-free! I know, you're jealous. And if you're not jealous already, you will be when I tell you that it vibrates. A-huh.

...I  bought my first pair of sunglasses since I was 10 (remember those cheap Ray-Ban sunglasses in neon colors? yup, those). Better yet, I like these sunglasses and they look good on me. You may be asking, girl, how hard can it be to find a decent pair of sunglasses? For me, hard.. Thanks to my narrow face and current fashions, everything looks like bug eyes on me. I had resigned myself to having to fork over a serious wad of cash for some designer pair that would suite my face, or continue to squint and drive blindly into the rising sun on my way to work...but no, the pair for me was to be found at Target for $16.99. They would.

...Nic is officially starting to move his things into my, correction our, apartment! Even when he's not here, I like to share my space with his things.

...In a few short days it will be exactly two months from our wedding. You may have expected more blogging about the whole wedding planning, I haven't forgotten that my last post was back in February marking the engagement. But, I'm finding that I'm more of a keep-it-confidential/personal-I-don't-give-a-flying-fart-what-you-think-of-my-wedding-colors kind of a bride. That being said, I am very excited about the special day and lifetime with my two families and close friends. Of course, whenever I begin to feel light headed with bridal giddiness, I'm reminded of how many documents, government records, business cards, driver's license, and credit card papers I'm going to have to change and re register for with my new last name....but, but, you mean I have to go back to the Texas Department of Safety and stand in line for 4+ hours to get my new license/voting record? But, but I did that only a year a go!

But you know what? It's gonna be ok, it's gonna be ok because Nic will be standing there with me for those 4+ hours. And maybe he'll even help me with credit card service phone trees and government run-arounds by feeding me his amazing blueberry scones and hold my hand tight.

Yes, it will be worth it. It already is.

And I can keep singing, "The Road goes ever on and on down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the Road has gone, and I must follow, if I can, pursuing it with eager feet, until it joins some larger way where many paths and errands meet. And whither then? I cannot say."


  1. Ahhh so much has happened... happiness!

  2. So much wonderful joy!

    And yes changing your name sucks. BUT James and I got to travel all over downtown Flint (just to get a card that said I could change my name at the DMV), find a cool new tobacco shop, and be together for the whole day. And then I got a fancy new driver's license.