Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Video Wednesday

The Imp would like to invite you to be distracted from anything productive you might attempt today.

I give you:

Monster sized lip dub of lady gagas hits

This is something I wish I could have been a part of in college. I totally would have been in the Quidditch group...

Straight No Chaser 12 Days of Christmas

The Princess Bride Meets Star Wars

This one came from my dear friend Lizzi who can be found at Firestones on Film


  1. Straight No Chaserr's 12 Days of Christmas was HUGE when we were in Boston, and I've been so sad not to hear it on the radio here (actually, the majority of my favorite songs from Boston aren't played here...)

  2. I was so waiting for the Man in Black to say- your father wasn't killed by the six fingered man: Inigo, I am your father.

    I like the 12 days of Christmas melody too! :)